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How to Build a Brick Barbecue

how to build a brick barbecue

A Guide to Build a brick Barbecue.

There is nothing better than the taste of food cooked on a barbecue. The fantastic thing is that you can enjoy that taste of barbecued food by building your brick barbecue for your home. By spending a good days labour building a unique barbecue, you can have your stylish brick barbecue at a low price that will last a lot longer than buying a mobile barbecue.

Today in this article, We will explore every detail about how to build your brick Barbecue. The tools and the materials needed.

Steps to Build a Brick Barbecue

Building of Brick Barbeque involves the following steps.

Step-1: Preparation of base Ground:

brick barbecue base

Before starting building the brick barbecue, make sure that you have got a concrete base underneath, suitable to take the weight of the barbeque structure. If you are building this onto soft earth, it is necessary to lay some concrete on the ground and let it dry so that it is sufficient to take the weight of barbecue.

If you have no concrete base, you can either lay on paving slabs that are securely laid, and that is as good as a concrete base.

Step-2: Selection Of Bricks

Barbecue bricks

The most important and the first step is selecting the style of Bricks that you are going to use for your Brick Barbecue. The Bricks must be capable of bearing the heat of the barbecue. So, when it is about picking the stylish bricks for your barbecue, make sure that they are either grade A engineering or fire bricks.

Step-3: Setting Up the Area for The Barbecue 

brick barbecue courses and grill

After finding the best bricks selection, now it is the stage to set the area of your barbecue. Ensure to select a dry surface, place the grid into the centre and lay the bricks around, leaving about a 10-15mm gap between the grid and the bricks. You can use the cooking grid as the guide to lay the first course of bricks. Make sure to use full bricks on the 1st course.

brick barbecue dimensions

Step-4: Start Doing Your Mix:

sand and cement mix

The barbecue strength depends on the strength of the mortar. A strong Mix consists of sand and cement. The ratio we require is three lots of sand by one cement. If you don’t have a cement mixer you can mix by hand, mix these up to create a mound of sand add the cement and mix dry, and then apply water. Now before adding water to complete the Mix, you can also consider adding a coloured dye to the mortar to give it a darker appearance. Mortar colours come in various shades. Make sure you measure it out and read the instructions on the back. Make sure to get a stiff and correct consistency of sand and cement.

Step-5: Start Laying

marking the brick barbecue out

Now we are ready to start laying the first course of bricks. Check the ground level before spreading the first layer of mortar. Level the ground by adding more mortar in some places if needed. Use a spirit level to mark the outer edge of barbecue in the cement. This tool provides a straight guideline for laying the first course of bricks. When it is done with the first layer of bricks, check the level to ensure that the corners are in the right place and the brickwork is straight and level.

Step-6: Joining the Wall sections

This step is for extra strength and to build a long-lasting brick barbecue. It is a good practice insert brick ties into the mortar joint to join the wall section together, such as the inner wall and the longer wall. This is useful to give the added strength to the finished structure.

Step-7: Start Laying the Extra Course of Bricks

building the brick barbecue

Now, when you have finished with the base layer of bricks and mortar, it time to start laying the extra courses of bricks. The first brick of the second course needs to straddle across the bottom layer by 50 per cent to create the half bond. Each time lay a bed of mortar on top of the bricks.

When it is five courses of bricks, leave it for about an hour to let the cement set before putting any more courses on unless your good. And when you have got seven courses, start laying the eighth course by making the steps on the sidewalls to hold the charcoal grid. Make sure the steps are perfectly level. Repeat the same with the tenth course. This will be keeping the Bbq cooking grill in position. Over the tenth course, it comes to the last one. Before the last course, double-check that it is all level and in situ.

Step-8: Final Words:

Bullt brick barbecue

After performing all the above steps, there is your self-made Bricks barbecue is complete. You can put some tiles along the top to finish it stylishly. 

Double Checks

Whenever you want to build a brick barbecue make sure to meet the following standards

  • First of all, pick the right bricks.
  • Always get the correct ratio of sand and cement.
  • In between each course of brickwork, the mortar bed must be more or less the same 10mm.
  • Make sure to check the level at each step.

Tools and Materials Needed To Build a Brick BBQ

Option Barbecue kit

brick barbecue kit



Sand and cement

sand and cement bag

Select the correct quantity of bricks to build your barbecue or you can get a barbecue kit Below


shovel for mixing

A good Shovel to mix the sand and cement or you can mix with a cement mixer if you have one.

The Bricklayers Tool List

Bricklayers Trowel

bricklaying trowel

Bricklayers trowel to spread the mortar for the brickwork.

Pointing Trowel

pointing trowel

Pointing trowel to point up the brickworl leaving a good finish.

Spirit Level

spirit levels

Spirit level to plumb and level the masonry.

Brick hammer

Brick Hammer

To cut the Bricks when needed.

Tape Measure

tape measure

A Tape measure to measure the gauge and dimensions for the grill.

Gloves and goggles

work gloves
safety goggles

Knee pads

Essential Bricklaying Tools for Bricklayer and Apprentice

Essential Bricklaying Tools for Bricklayer and Apprentice

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