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About RatedbyTrade.

Welcome to
Rated by trade was built with the purpose to give information to people that are not in the trade, so everyday people can learn skills and gain insights into how a construction tradesman works and what tools they use.

Rated by trade was created by a tradesman to give on the job information.
It started off with intentions to look at tools, and now it has a wide range of posts on a number of construction trades, from bricklaying to painting and decoration and upholstery and the rest and growing from week to week.
Rated by trade uses surveys and polls to get feedback and information in the aid to make reviews and recommendations as accurate as possible.

Here we look in-depth at tools and equipment and find what’s the best that’s used on the construction site today,
We review and give our insight on the product and equipment.
We use the tools on the job and find out how good they are.
When reviewing, we look at the pros and cons and give an insight into how it performs and why it’s good and why it maybe isn’t.
Reviews and insights coming from the trade.

Here we look at tools and equipment relating to the trade.
Keep a look at for future reviews and guides.
When looking at tools and equipment, we gather all the information we can from various sites and use our experience of using tools and equipment.
We reach out to tradesmen, conduct surveys, and find what’s been used and rated by the trade.

Hope you enjoy reading our posts and keep coming back for more, follow us on Facebook and social media to stay in the know.

rated by trade

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