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What is the Best Brick Cleaner for Cleaning Bricks?

best brick cleaner

What is the Best Brick Cleaner for Cleaning Bricks?

Clean bricks look well! They are made to last long but do need proper cleaning and maintenance and especially when bad workmanship is achieved.

whether you are looking for a way to clean old brickwork or clean newly laid bricks or maybe even after repointing has been done, this article will help you learn some of the best brick cleaning solutions on the market. 

How To Clean Bricks

  • Step 1

First, it is vital to have the right brick cleaning solution. Know that not all bricks are the same, so a cleaner’s efficiency might vary from one brand to another. Determine the kind of brick you have and then find out an appropriate cleaning solution for the job. 

  • Step 2

Remember, brick cleaners can be harmful to yourself and to the environment! Always protect adjacent non-brick surfaces using plastic or sheeting to avoid damages from the cleaning solvents. 

Wear the Correct PPE!

  • Step 3

The next step is water saturation! Next, spray the brickwork thoroughly via a garden hose or pressure washer. This helps remove dirt and grime off the surface. 

  • Step 4

Once you are done saturating the bricks, it is time to apply the cleaning solution. First, apply a generous amount of the desired cleaner to the wet area and then scrub or wash down with a stiff brush. 

  • Step 5

Rinse away the cleaning solution as best as you can to avoid deterioration and brick damage. Use an adequate amount of water to eliminate every ounce of the residue of the brick cleaning solution.

hosing down brickwork

Cleaning Bricks With Acid

bricks pressure washed

Acids are considered one of the most concentrated brick cleaning solutions. Nonetheless, one must use them with utmost care and safety to prevent bricks and other surfaces damage.

Acids can clean brickwork remove mortar stubborn grime, deposits, rust, and other tenacious marks caused by environmental factors.

Many products available in the market today have hydrochloric acid as the main constituent,

To make acid formula fill a large bucket with water and add one part of acid solvent. Next, dip a bristled brush into the fusion and apply it on the bricks very carefully making sure you are wearing the correct PPE. Now scrub and leave the solution on for a few minutes before rinsing it off with a pressure washer or hose. 

Best Brick Cleaning Solutions

Now that you know the steps involved in cleaning bricks and acid for a similar purpose, it is time to pick the best cleaning solution for the money. This section will walk you through the highest-rated and best-selling products to keep your exterior and interior walls looking their best throughout the year. 

Stonecare4u – Essential Brick Acid Cleaner – 5 Litre RatedbyTrade

Stonecare4u Essential Brick Acid Cleaner

Looking for a way to transform your brickwork and achieve outstanding results in an instant? Look no further than Stonecare4u Essential Brick Acid Cleaner for all of your brick cleaning needs. Another great option if your preference is to opt for a cleaner that is extra safe and easy to use.

This brick acid cleaner is specially formulated to remove cement and mortar remains. Thanks to its high performance and ability to clean all kinds of indoor/outdoor acid-resistant surfaces, many experts and certified cleaners recommend this professional-grade formula. Moreover, the Stonecare4u Essential Brick Acid Cleaner seamlessly eradicates crusted, deep-seated, and efflorescence dirt particles alongside limestone/calcium deposits. 

This targeted, besieged, and versatile functioning is best used during post-construction processes, considering it is applied over suitable surfaces like brick, porcelain, concrete, and clay. The average coverage range here is between 10m2 to 40m2, depending upon the stubbornness of the deposits, spillages, and damage. 


  • Versatile performance
  • Quick results
  • Powerful and seamless functioning
  • It gives good value for money 
  • Restore the original appearance of brickwork 


  • It can easily stain the surrounding area

Cementone Mortar & Brick Cleaner (Concentrated) 5L

Cementone Mortar & Brick Cleaner

This year, give your property a complete makeover! Use Cementone Mortar & Brick Cleaner to sharpen up your brickwork and remove the stains and stubborn blotches. 

When it comes to cleaning soot off bricks, buying cheap and low-quality products is not intelligent. You might end up needing more solutions or fixing further damage due to poor product results. This mortar cleaner and brick cleaning solution is a well-formulated item which ultimately means you save more money and effort on cleaning while obtaining superior results. 

The concentered solution helps clean your brickwork and masonry projects without compromising on the materials/mortar integrated to secure the pieces together. Despite being acid-based and highly concentrated, the solution does not dissolve bricks or compromise on their quality. 


  • Potent acid-based cleaner
  • Effective and fast results
  • Make your bricks as good as new
  • Offers better curb appeal to the cleaned exterior/interior
  • Easy to apply 

FILA Deterdek Pro 1L Acid Descaler Detergent

FILA Deterdek Pro 1L Acid Descaler Detergent

The FILA Deterdek Pro is ideal for people looking for an all-in-one detergent and descaler for brick cleaning. It contains a high amount of high-quality commercial surfactants to remove out dust, rust stains, mortar residue, and lime deposits from all types of surfaces. Best used for eliminating saline efflorescence from bricks and other similar exteriors like acid-resistant natural stone and tiles. 

Since it is an all-encompassing brick cleaning product, it works well against sedimentation and discolouration. In addition, it is more mild yet effective than hydrochloric acid and does not give out any harmful fumes, which is a standard case with professional acidic descalers. The FILA Deterdek Pro 1L Acid Descaler Detergent is also friendly towards other surfaces, so a decent candidate for frequent brick cleaning needs. 


  • Cleans deposits and stains simultaneously
  • It does not affect grouting 
  • Suitable for post-application deposits and site dirt
  • Supports preventive brickwork maintenance
  • Money and effort saving 

Bond-It Brick & Patio Acid-based Cleaner 5 Litre

Bond-It Brick & Patio Acid-based Cleaner

Make your brickwork and patio look as good as new with this easy-to-use cleaner! Another effective and quality brick cleaning acid on the list was formulated to eliminate unsightly stains caused by multiple daily occurrences. With acid in its formulation, the product removes mortar and cement splashes, grease, grime, oil, and other challenging stains from your brickwork. However, you can also use the solution against concrete floors, patios, pavements, garages, and warehouses. 

The solution is highly concentrated, so it needs to be diluted at first. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the results will not be instantaneous. You might have to wait a few hours to notice any kind of difference in the surface. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions and be sure to get the promised results in real-time. Within a couple of times, your brickwork and other surfaces will be totally clean. The heavy stains between the brick spaces will vanish and be swept away with high-pressure clean water spray. 


  • Water-based cleanup
  • Very easy to use
  • Incredible shelf life
  • Cost-effective and affordable
  • Prolongs the brickwork building life 

SIKA Brick & Patio Cleaner 5Lt

SIKA Brick & Patio Cleaner 5Lt

A super-strength cleaner best known for eliminating cement/mortar splashes from brickwork and patios. Other utilities include removing light oil stains, grease, and grime off paving tiles, bricks, and concrete. As per the manufacturer’s claim, it is a general-purpose, acid-based cleaning solution best for removing stubborn stains and bricks and degreasing it to make the exterior look gleaming and clean. 

Remember to dilute the solution to one part to two parts water before applying to the designated area. Reduce the amount of added water to achieve instant results or clean obstinate marks. Apply the cleaner using a brush with circular scrubbing action before washing it away using a pressure pump or garden hose. Know that consumption relies on the intensity of contamination and brick’s porosity to be treated. The standard value is around 4m2per Litre. 


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for toughest tasks
  • Very economical
  • Acid-based for instant working
  • Suits homeowner requirements

Cleaning brushes

Industrial Countryman Stiff Bassine Hand Scrub, 8″, Natural

The wooden handle scrubbing brush is ideal for scrubbing brickwork and masonry, the natural bassine bristles clean away mortar and leave the face of the brickwork clean and residue-free.

  • Bassine filled bristles
  • Cruved design to fit neatly in hand
  • Hard wearing and weather resistant
  • Size: 190mm
  • Ethically sourced materials

Roughneck 355mm/14-inch Stainless Steel Wire Brush with Soft Grip

roughneck long hndled brush with scraper

The stainless steel wire brush is for cleaning bricks, patio, decking, and fencing to make your house look seamlessly brand new and flawless. There is no need to dilute anything or pressure wash, scrub the brickwork and enjoy instant cleaning results that last up to many days to come.  

Compared to the other similar products by the brand, this wire brush is a 3-row product with 14 inches in length and 19 sets of stainless steel bristles. It also includes an integrated hardened steel scraper and a TPR soft-grip handle for maximum user convenience. All hail to its uniqueness, the product gives good value for money and saves you a lot of trouble and back-breaking exertions over time. 


  • High-quality and durable
  • Very effective
  • Handle shape gives reasonable control over the brush
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use

Roughneck Block Wire Brush

The walls of your home are starting to look dull, mouldy, and deteriorated? Please give it a thorough clean with a high-quality brick cleaning block wire brush. 

While making your purchase, two things should be on your mind; the cleaner must get the job done and should be safe for the environment and kids around the house. The Roughneck ROU52050 52050 Block Wire Brush is devoid of chemicals or harmful abrasives, so an environment-friendly, top-of-the-list brick cleaner that will have your exteriors and interiors looking new in no time. 

This brick cleaning product is a 5-row block wire brush incorporating 6.5 inches brush and 18 sets of anodized carbon steel bristles with a TPR soft-grip handle. The most significant benefit of this item for us is its palm-style design with a tapered end. This feature helps work into corners and remove stubborn stains off the brickwork. Use it for cleaning patios, paint, dump patches, and rust from brick walls, metalwork, and woodwork. 


  • Soft grip for comfort
  • Anodized carbon steel bristles
  • Composite handle
  • Tapered end and palm-type design
  • Best for domestic and professional use

Large Heavy Duty Wire Brush Set Premium Custom Carbon Treated Steel

equip trade brush set for cleaning bricks

This premium pack of carbon-coated steel wire brushes is one of its brick cleaners in the market. The heavy-duty wire brush helps clean all the dirty surfaces while serving as a brick cleaner, paint scraper, rust, and stain remover. Use it as a primary tool to effortlessly scrub out grout, dirt, and moss from your brick wall and fences. 

The package includes a pack of three brushes to complete your all-encompassing cleaning tool kit and later help remove stubborn grime and dirt. Its long handle comes in handy to clean from challenging angles, whereas the four-row metal steel bristles take out accumulated dirt from tight, hard-to-reach areas of the brickwork. 

The EQUIP TRADE Large Heavy Duty Wire Brush Set is designed and manufactured to last long. The plastic body with an easy-grip rubber handle is sure to grab the attention of potential buyers. In addition, this feature provides extra support during cleaning, all while keeping your hands well-protected against injuries. 


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to hold
  • Multifunctional
  • Best for abrasive cleaning
  • Carbon treated steel brushes

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Spray On Brickwork Before Applying A Brick Cleaning Solution?

Before applying a brick cleaning solution, it is advised to use a low-pressure spray to saturate the bricks with water. Doing so helps keep the solution from soaking into the bricks. Then, stand away from the surface and work your way upward with the spray. 

Is It Important To Pressure Wash The Bricks?

Yes. Pressure washing ensures no dust, grout, or cleaner residue stays behind after cleaning. However, it is recommended that you only use low pressure when washing the exterior brickwork of your house. Go for 500-1000psi pressure to avoid any further damage or mutilation to the treated surface. 

Can I Clean Brickwork With An Acid-Based Cleaner?

Acid-based cleaners should only be used for cleaning stubborn, hard-to-take-out stains and mortar from the brickwork. Diluted formulations can be used to treat all kinds of stains and issues during the life of the bricks with utmost care to avoid harming nearby surfaces or yourself.

Final Thoughts

There you go. These are some of the best brick cleaners for the year. Know that dirty and filthy bricks are never appealing to the eyes. Use this article as your guide to the best available products in the market for restoration and renewal of most exterior and interior brick damage and poor workmanship. 

How to Keep your Bricklaying and Masonry Tools Clean

cleaning bricklaying and masonry tools

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