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Best Bricklayers Tape Measure

bricklayers tape measure

Brickies Tape Measure.

When it comes to laying bricks and bricklaying, there are many tools needed to carry out the work and many tools that simplifies bricklaying work. One of them is a tape measure. Still, not only that, a specialist tape measure called the brick mate, here we look at some of the best bricklayers tapes available today.

What is a specialist tape measure?

The Specialist bricklayers tape is available to aid professional bricklayers and masons in carrying out their work to make it easier. Specialist tape measures have a unique design that calculates brick and block quantities accurately, and they can also calculate brick gauge and height.

The specialist bricklayers tape comes in handy when pricing jobs up because it tells you how many bricks per length of tape and has a brick gauge for how many bricks per size of the height. Not only a brick gauge, but it also has a block gauge.

Suppose you got a job to build an extension. In that case, you could use the specialist bricklayers tape to calculate how many bricks and how many blocks are needed making the job easier to price, therefore saving time calculating.

Brickmate Bricklayers Tape Measure

The Brick mate is made in Great Britain and is one of the best bricklayers tapes available it has brick and block gauge, brick length, and block length. Also, there is a conventional metric scale, which is accurate to EC Class I, for general measuring of brickwork, blockwork and masonry the Brick mate is for any job big or small. It is a excellent brick gauge tape measure and block, Whether you are an apprentice that does noknow the measurement calculations or a seasoned professional, the brickmate will save time, effort and money.

bricklayers tape measure
Brickies gauge tape measure

As you can see above, the measure meets for the brick gauge height with the 1 and 2 surrounded by bricks on the tape measure.
The full brick as one brick in black and the half-block in red simple and easy to read.

  • Unique blade design* with three scales to calculate brick & block quantities and course heights, along with a conventional metric scale accurate to EC Class I.
  • Made in Britain.Bright, ergonomic ABS case with non-slip rubber grip pad.Easy-to-operate positive action lock, minimising blade slip.Bump stop for added blade and end-hook protection.
  • Unique snap-in quick-release belt clip holster.
  • designed for UK standard brick (215mm wide x 65mm high) and block (440mm wide) sizes.

Fisco Big T Bricklayers Tape Measure

The fisco Big T is a useful and all rounded bricklayers tape measure, bricklayers need a good solid and robust bricklayers tape measure that can be used day in day out and take measurements upto 8 metres so its great for taking the longer of measurements.

fisco bricklayers tape measure

big t view
  • Blade accurate to EC Class I.Made in Britain.Tough rubber protected case with patented shock absorber, designed to survive heavy on-site use.
  • Ergonomic case shape makes the tape easy to handle during use.
  • Superior brake control with maximum holding power.
  • Rubber grip tips locates and holds the blade tip firmly when hooking on.
  • Easy 100mm inside measurement make add-ons easy (5m model has flip-out arm)
  • .Unique snap-in quick-release belt clip holster.

Fisco Tri-Lok Tape 5m / 16ft Tape Measure

The Fisco Tri-lok tape is an exceptional and accurate, durable and reliable tape that is ideal for the professional user. The blade is precise to EC Class I and features a tough grey ABS case with a non-slip rubber grip pad. The easy-to-operate brake holds the edge securely at the desired length, and the effective bump stop gives added blade and end-hook protection during use.

5m fisco tape measure
fisco view
  • Blade accurate to EC Class I.
  • Made in Britain.
  • Tough grey ABS case with non-slip rubber grip pad.
  • Easy-to-operate positive action lock, minimising blade slip.
  • Bump stop for added blade and end-hook protection.
  • Triple rivet end-hook on 25mm wide blades and reinforcing plate on 19mm and 25mm wide blades.
  • Belt clip and self-zeroing end-hook.

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