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Trowel Mate Bricklayers Magnetic Trowel Holder

trowel mate bricklayers magnetic troll holder

‘Trowel Mate’
When it comes to the trowel mate bricklayers magnetic trowel holder, it’s a tool that a lot of bricklayers and masons seem to have adopted.
The bricklayer wants somewhere to put the trowel, just like joiners, electricians, plumbers, etc., have their tool belt to keep hammers. So the bricklayer has its tool belt, the bricklayers’ trowel mate magnetic trowel holder.

The bricklayers’ trowel holder is an excellent idea and accessory that gives the bricklayer somewhere to hold their trowel when walling. It saves time and money.

When walling bricks and especially blocks, bricklayers put the trowel back on the board or anywhere around the work area and waste a lot of the time misplacing the trowel.
the words echo over the site, “where’s my trowel.”

This is where the bricklayers’ magnetic trowel holder comes into use. It lets the bricklayer clamp or sticks the trowel to the magnet like glue, so to speak, so no losing the trowel.
Just like a holster for a gun, the bricklayer can keep the trowel stuck to their hip just like John Wayne in the movies.
the bricklayer’s trowel mate saves time and money, especially for price Brickies once you get used to using one, it will be like another hand keeping the trowel in position all day long, so no more losing trowels and no more back an forth to pick it up and find it.

Trowel Mate Bricklayers Magnetic Trowel Holder

trowel mate magnetic trowel holder
trowel mate on the hip

Designed by bricklayers.

for bricklayers

The Trowel Mate utilises magnetic fields incorporated within the product. This gives it the optimum amount of strength, so when you place a trowel against the Trowel Mate, it is firmly held in place and yet to remove your trowel, it is simply a ‘flick of the wrist’ movement which takes no apparent effort.

“A secure fix and an easy removal”

The Trowel Mate is washable, impervious to non-corrosive liquids and has a soft cushion feel.

“Speed Reliability and Comfort”

Through extensive trials and testing, it has been proven that even for a novice bricklayer, the Trowel Mate will increase speed and earning power.

“Just a few reasons for having a Trowel Mate”

MONEY – Instantly increase your earning potential

HEALTH – Reduces the amount of bending, helping both your legs and back

TIME – Saves you walking/searching when you mislay your trowel

SAFETY – Reduces the chance of accidents from dropping or tripping over your trowel.

From one bricky to another…

“So you have laid more blocks, earned more.

money, and not bent your back as much…”

…Guess it’s worth having one!

Magnet Master Magnetic Trowel Belt Trowel Holder

magnet master trowel holder

Magnet Master belt holder

The Magnet Master trowel holder can be used with basically any belt
Just loop your strap through the magnet master trowel holder, and off you go.

We recommend using a solid canvas military-style belt.
simply attach to your jeans and work pants.

  • Reduces the chance of accidents from dropping or tripping over your trowel
  • It saves you walking or searching when you misplace your trowel
  • Reduces the amount of bending, helping both your legs and back
  • Instantly increase your earning potential
  • Utilises magnetic fields incorporated within the product to hold the trowel securely
  • Saves time and money

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2 thoughts on “Trowel Mate Bricklayers Magnetic Trowel Holder”

  1. The magnet trowel holder has saved me a fortune over the years bricklayers have to work smart not hard correct tools make life easier.

  2. yes lad had a few people say whats that but its the money saver, any price bricky knows seconds make minutes and minutes make hours Booyah.

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