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Best Bricklayers Spot Boards and Mortar Boards

best bricklayers spot boards

Bricklayers Spot Boards and Mortar Boards.

Being a bricklayer is hard on the body, especially on the back, especially bending up and down all day long.
This is where we come to the new tool and accessory designed for bricklayers, The bricklayer’s spot board.

A Spot board for many years has been a piece of timber to keep the mortar on so the bricklayer can get a full trowel to spread on the wall.
These days there are specially made spot boards or what some people call mortarboards specially designed to carry the mortar. These boards are made from plastic and are made to last, so no more flaking boards or soggy flooring boards.
Also, there are unique stands that have been designed for the boards to sit on.

Spot boards are a name that many people use, but there are numerous names that bricklayers and tradesmen call mortarboards, muck boards, cement boards, trowel boards, and the rest.

Different Types of Spot Boards

Gatorback Mortar Boards

gatorback bricklayers spot boards
  • Made of a lightweight, impact and UV resistant polymer that won’t conduct heat like steel pans and is nearly indestructible
  • Water-resistant, contour surface designed to keep mortar at optimal workability and consistency
  • Reinforced integrated handles for easy transportation
  • Reinforced ribbing enables Gatorback mortarboards to hold up to 150lbs of material with little flex
  • Sold 1 per inner pack/1 per outer pack

Gatorback Mortar Boards & Pans are designed to hold mortar for easy transport and maintain optimal workability and consistency. The 24” x 24” green Gatorback Mortar Boards are lightweight, water-resistant, and their contoured UV-resistant polymer material won’t conduct heat or ruin your wet material. It comes with an integrated handle for easy transportation and a reinforced ribbed backing that allows you to carry up to 150 lbs. of material with little flex. Gatorback Mortar Pan comes constructed from a lightweight, impact- and UV-resistant polymer that won’t conduct heat and comes with reinforced integrated handles for easy transportation. This product holds 1.75 cubic feet (225lbs) of material.

check gatorback mortar boards

Marshalltown Premier Line Gatorback Mortar Pan

marshalltown gatorback mortar pan
  • Made of a lightweight, impact and UV resistant polymer that won’t conduct heat like steel pans and is nearly indestructible
  • Lightest pan on the market at only 8lbs
  • Reinforced Integrated handles for easy transportation
  • Good for Mixing sand and cement
  • Impervious, rigid surface made with a double-thick bottom for superior durability
  • Holds up to 1.75 cubic feet (225lbs) of mortar
  • Marshalltown

Roughneck Bricklayers Spot Board and Folding Stand, Multi-Colour

roughneck bricklayers spot board with stand

30″ tall mortar stand which folds for ease of transport. Complete with MDF top board. comes fitted with location points to accommodate the stand.

  • Material: metal
  • Good quality product
  • Mortar mixing board and folding stand

Grafter Large Black Plastic Mixing Tray Bricklayers Spot board (1m x 1m)

grafter large mixing tray
  • The Grafter Mixing Tray comes designed to ensure the contents on the tray stay within the tray rim, which prevents stains on driveways and lawns, therefore, keeping the work area nice and clean.
  •  The tray is used for various purposes, including mixing mortar and concrete as a bricklayers mixing spot board.
  • Dimensions 100cm x 100cm x 8cm (Approx.)
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Marshalltown The Premier Line 11167 24-Inch X 24-Inch Mortar Board

Marshalltown bricklayers spot board
  • Made of extra high density, UV stabilized polyethylene
  • Durable, lightweight, and easy to clean
  • Dry mortar will not stick
  • Not affected by heat and cold, rust, plaster, mortar and water
  • Marshalltown
check marshalltown premier line mixing tray
bricklayers spot board been used
Bricklayers Spot Board
best Bricklayers trowel

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  1. Mick manning

    Thinking of investing in some pro spot boards, not cheap tho.

  2. Martin humpleby

    You pay for what you get, just make sure you look after them, got some gatorback muck boards from usa. always a pleasure to use just makes the job look more professional

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