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What is Sugar Soap and what are its uses?

What is Sugar Soap

What is sugar soap?

Sugar soap is made of mainly three ingredients sodium carbonate, sodium phosphate and sodium silicate.

The soap gets its name because when all of the necessary ingredients become mixed, the outcome looks like regular table sugar. It’s a name for a popular chemical cleaning solution, and it comes in powder and liquid forms.

As a commercial cleanser, Sugar soap is great to prepare walls for painting or wallpapering. It comes in very handy for removing nicotine stains, oil, and grease, and it is an excellent all-around cleaner.

Uses for sugar Soap

Sugar soap has a multitude of uses.

It is known as a multi-purpose cleaner cleaning anything and everything.

  • Preparation before painting.
  • kitchen worktops and bathrooms, workshops,
  • Cleaning floors, wood floors and laminate.
  • Sugar soap for Cleaning tiles
  • Cleaning outdoor furniture
  • Degrease kitchen appliances
  • Clean doors and door frames
  • Suitable for cleaning toilets, baths and sinks.
  • Clean and Degrease car engines
  • Car Interior

Rustins 500ml Sugar Soap

Rustins 500ml Sugar Soap

Sugar Soap for Decorating

When it comes to decorating, sugar soap can become very useful as a cleaner to wash down dirty walls and paintwork.

Decorators know that when it comes to getting a perfect finish, good preparation is vital.

Good Decorators know preparation is key to getting the perfect finish. A good decorator always washes previously painted surfaces and walls before applying a coat of paint as the less dirt, grime or grease on the surface makes for a better finish.

Over time, dirt grime and general muck builds up on the walls and paintwork and can be cleaned directly with sugar soap.

You can apply sugar soap with a sponge or flannel or brush the sugar soap on and leave it on for a couple of minutes and thoroughly rinse off with clean water.

Sugar soap will cut through grime and dirt, leaving the paintwork clean to apply that first coat. Although you can wash and clean with warm soapy water, sugar soap makes it a lot easier, giving you that extra performance and clean you need saving time and money.

Bartoline Traditional Sugar Soap Powder 1.5KG Professional Painting Decor Cleaning Makes UP to 30 litres

Bartoline Traditional Sugar Soap powder for decorating

What is Sugar Soap Made out of?

The main ingredients of sugar soap are primary sodium carbonate, sodium phosphate and sodium silicate.

Sugar soap gets the name mainly because of it looks like sugar, and it is commonly used to clean so-called sugar soap.

Home Made Sugar Soap DIY

When it comes to making homemade sugar soap, there are many ways and ideas of what homemade sugar soap is.

Sugar soap contains sodium carbonate, sodium phosphate and sodium silicate, which have strong degreasing and cleaning properties, so replicating sugar soap could be a little tricky, but making an excellent all-round cleaner is easy.

  • Homemade kitchen cleaner – 2 part water 2 part baking soda.
  • All-purpose cleaner – Lemon, white vinegar, essential oil add water.
  • Simple Cleaner – White vinegar and lemon.

DIY Sugar Soap for Cleaning grease and oil from hands

When some people refer to sugar soap there referring to soap and sugar. I know of many mechanics and people that tinker with cars that use sugar and water to clean their hands.

Add sugar to water with a bit of washing up liquid and rub into hands to remove oil and grease. The abrasiveness of the sugar will break down the oil and grease, leaving hands clean and smooth.

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